In August 2011, SpaceUp Houston decided there should be a Capture the Flag twitter account to track the Commercial Spaceflight competition to retrieve the U.S. Flag left onboard the International Space Station by the STS-135 shuttle crew (and originally flown onboard STS-1.)

We hope you will not only follow this race at @CSFcaptureflag but be a part of sharing in it with others outside of the space field.  Below you will find two flyers @godspeeddiscvry created to promote the campaign.  Please post them wherever you think appropriate.  Click on the flyers to access the full version.

           Capture the Flag Flyer

In order to keep the Houston up to date in the progression of  NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Program, we enjoy having Commercial Spaceflight Panels once or twice a year.

2013 Commercial Spaceflight Panels

February 8, 2013

Panel 1 – CCiCap/COTS Status

spaceuphouston on Broadcast Live Free

Panel 2 – Suborbital Spaceflight & Space Tourism

Watch live streaming video from spaceuphouston at

2012 Commercial Spaceflight Panel

June 21, 2012 – CCDev2 Status & Suborbital Spaceflight

spaceuphouston on Broadcast Live Free

 2011 Commercial Spaceflight Panels

August 18, 2011 – CCDev1 Status and Suborbital Spaceflight

Access the February 2011 Commercial Spaceflight Panel video to see the very first Houston held Commercial Spaceflight Panel.