There is no doubting that Jeff Bezos is serious about his space ambitions.The CEO of Amazon is planning to invest more than a billion dollars in Blue Origin.He is committed to the rocket company, as he wants to create a heavy lift launch vehicle that can fly by 2020.

Bezos is not alone in his space ambitions, with the likes of Elon Musk also putting a lot of focus in their plans for space tourism and travel to Mars.

Blue Origin and Space Travel

Many assume that Bezos’ interest in space is a new one. While it may be in the news these days, he started Blue Origin back in 2000. He has always been fascinated by space travel. And he may soon see the fruits of his two-decade long labor.

Bezos has a very simple goal when it comes to his investment in space technology. While he sees a myriad of benefits, he wants to put people in space as soon as possible.

Producing Reusable Launch Vehicles

Trips into space are not a new concept. Astronauts from around the world complete trips to the International Space Station when necessary. But the idea of commercial space flights is still unusual to many.

It is why Bezos is so committed to the project. He believes that only a few more steps are required before the technology will be present to allow commercial space travel. And one of those technologies is a reusable space vehicle.

The idea is to have a launcher that would be able to get space vehicles into orbit more than one time. It would drastically bring down the cost of space missions, which is how space tourism would become viable.

Potential Cost of Going Into Space

While Bezos is committed to bringing down the cost of space tourism, it would still be a very expensive adventure. Experts believe that getting a “ticket” on a vehicle that is going into space would cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.

It is certainly not comparable to the price of an average flight. But it is a trip into space, which is something many people would be willing to pay those sums to experience.

Criticism of Bezos’ Space Ambitions

While some people are supportive of Jeff Bezos and his desire to pour billions into making space travel possible, others see it as an inefficient use of resources.

Bezos has often come into criticism for the way his company, Amazon, treats its workers around the United States. He has also been criticized for saying that he felt using his incredible wealth to make space travel possible was the best way he could spend that money.

There are some who view the idea of spending billions on putting people in space as nothing more than an expensive hobby. Money that could be better used to make people’s lives better on earth.

But Bezos and others who are passionate about space travel do not see it that way. They believe that getting people into space and letting them experience that environment first hand is very important.