One of the most important things that I discovered about space conferences was that the focus was shifting away from exploration and the future of space travel to the work that needs to be done on small spacecraft. It makes sense that the topic has changed due to the increasing needs of small spacecraft.

From shuttles to transports to potential colony ships, small spacecraft has its own challenges and needs from the space community, and many events and symposiums are all focusing on those challenges.


This conference focuses on Small satellites and the benefits that they have, in the world as well as the growth that they have on their industry. Some even choose to compare satellites to computers, which went from being big bulky boxes to portable laptops, to phones, and some future plans have them getting even smaller.

Other programs in this conference include descriptions about space debris and how to clean up the orbit of our planet as we send more stuff up into space, as well as how law and influence will translate to space as more and more countries send up satellites.


The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is a massive four-day event featuring everything that anyone could want to know about space. This includes oral presentations, interactive video displays, and lectures with some of the top minds in the space industry. They will also have new sessions that include the inclusion of workshops, panels, and increased Q&A.

The study and discussion about smaller spacecraft will also be present throughout the congress, through presentations, booths, and discussions, allowing everyone at least some way to take in some information about the needs of small spacecraft.

Aerospace conference

Focusing completely on small spacecraft and the challenges facing them, the Aerospace Conference will talk about ways to anticipate problems for space travel and exploration. Topics include managing heat and electricity in extreme locations, how to effectively communicate with the Earth, and how to increase the durability of spacecraft during journeys.

The conference will have several discussions and speakers from all fields of science, as well as people on the cutting edge of science, engineering, and space travel to ensure a connection between all the fields that make up aerospace. By bringing all of the fields together it’s the hope of the conference to start answering some of those questions.

Find a conference near you

With so many formal and informal conferences speaking about the topic of small spacecraft, or in the case of unconferences they can become the topic idea, finding a conference on this topic is easy and with all the conferences happening at different places in the world. There’s definitely no excuse to not try to attend one.

Each conference and panel will always have some value, and who knows, maybe you’ll find the way to get the small spacecraft to do everything that they need to do! It only takes one crazy idea to kickstart something that can take the progress of space travel to infinity and beyond!